Down for the Count

Down for the Count

audio: Down for the Count
audio of Kathy Davis's poem, Down for the Count

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Down for the Count

Letting mono run its course, asleep for weeks
in the infirmary, I missed his lecture
on Apollinaire, walk alone to the bridge
years later, inhaling coffee, diesel
fumes. He tried to catch me up, Professor P.,
a wreck in love himself. The wife who left
him willow tall, a wraith—nagging, bitter.
Parsing poems that day, autumn’s dark
against the window, his face a shadow—
I still don’t understand the man, the kissing
disease that laid me low, how much was
constancy, how much defiance. Boring, flat
and green, Mirabeau Bridge looks functional
and sturdy, and Paris is so wicked cold.