A Warning Sign

A Warning Sign

audio: A Warning Sign
audio of Amit Majmudar's poem, A Warning Sign

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A Warning Sign

Just wait a second, I’ll go put him down.
She could have been referring to a child
On his feet in the crib, wailing the darkness wild,
When she broke off a kiss to face the sound.

A screen door sighed and shut. The barking stopped.
He laid a while, hands behind his head,
Before his ears flicked back. Sprung off the bed
He panicked down the stairs in three long skips.

He found her in the backyard with her cell.
She’d snapped a photograph to mail her friends.
He caught her just as she was clicking Send.
There. Peace at last. She went inside. He knelt.

The still warm fur foretold a colder winter.
The kitchen rasped and hissed at him with dinner.