A Plea and a Farewell

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tribute to tim murphy

Richard Meyer

A Plea and a Farewell


      In September 2007, when Tim Murphy was in a dire medical situation, delirious, and in danger of slipping away, members of Eratosphere were asked to post comments or messages for him. At that time I wrote a short verse to Tim. Eleven years later, a couple of weeks before Tim died, I wrote a second poem for him, a brief farewell to a comrade in the craft.


      For Tim: A Huntsman Far from Home
       19 September 2007

      Because you’ve wandered far away
      And we have lost your track,
      Remember friends who wait and pray,
      Think home, and double back.

      For Tim: A Huntsman Nearing Home
       21 June 2018

      No need of pack or shouldered gun,
      you stride the hunter’s final trail
      and journey toward the risen sun.
      A dove, pure white from beak to tail,
      takes wing close by to lead you on
      where sought-for peace awaits at dawn.