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Matt —

Although non-metrical, the poem has a stately cadence that seems fitting for what is said.

I agree that it is a fine poem. Dense too, but that's a plus here.

S4L1 - gung-ho - My experience of the phrase "gung ho", as used in English, is that it expresses great enthusiasm put into action. (You use a hyphen, gung-ho, which I guess works better in print as a modifier.) Anyway, it's origin is Chinese. Given the poem's allusions to cherry blossoms & sakura, you might consider banzai, also an English word, adopted from Japanese. In addition to its literal meaning in Japanese, it has suggestions in English of daring, even foolhardy, risk of death that gung-ho does not. Also, in English, some will hear an echo of bonsai & hence trees, which I think is OK. Many will not hear that, I suppose.

— Woody

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