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What I note about all of these is the assured certainty each sentence conveys. No hesitation or apparent ambiguity, just that this is the way things are. I just don’t see very clearly what he sees. They all made me think, but it will take more thought than I have at the moment. I hope others can help me.

The Die In sounds like an appropriate echo of our pandemic, the assumed protective array of might followed by death.

He2 strikes me as a doppelgänger dispute, though I can’t see the result of whichever wins. Maybe neither.

First Settler evokes an early Spanish quester for New World wealth, realizing its search fills the void that might have included a family.

Hole in the Sun still mystifies me though the water/heat tension reminds me a bit of Frost’s Fire and Ice.

Brentwood Shrink feels familiar since I live fairly close to LA’s Brentwood, and immediately recall the saying that free or cheap anything decreases motivation, here to work toward healing. Yes, they should go away since there’s no sacrifice at stake.

What the N of I Never Knew didn’t know eludes me, unless as the N’s mother says the old man tried too much for others.

Somehow I skipped Wrong Mountain (Hello Freud!) but will leave it for others,.

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